Un nouveau fournisseur de réseau IP-Max
Data Center Network

Improving our network connectivity with IP-Max

We are delighted to announce that IP-Max has joined our list of suppliers.

When you sign up for Internet access with an ISP, it routes traffic between your router and your chosen destination (social networks, YouTube, Netflix, etc.). The quality of the latter can vary enormously, depending on its length and the number of routers and countries it passes through to reach its destination.

It is not uncommon for some operators to opt for long, inconsistent routes, often crossing several countries before returning to Switzerland, in order to reduce the cost of the service. As a result, despite the high speed displayed during a speed test, the loading of the sites visited will not be improved.

IP-Max has a top-quality network infrastructure and is the operator sharing the largest number of connections with other players in Switzerland (peering).

We are delighted with this new collaboration with IP-Max and the benefits it brings to our customers in terms of enhanced user experience.

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