Virtual Synology Server

Back up and synchronize your data on your private cloud with our Synology solutions.

Your data is securely hosted in a data centre in Switzerland.

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Our Synology Virtual Servers

Virtual Private Server Synology (VDSM)

  • Virtual Private Server Synology (VDSM)
  • 1 fixed IPv4/IPv6 included
  • Swiss Hosting
  • Optional backup
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Benefits of a Synology Virtual Private Server

Easily back up and synchronise your data.

  • Virtual private server hosted in a data center in Switzerland
  • Management and use possible via a simple Internet browser
  • Customized settings according to your needs

Back up your emails, contacts and calendars

With Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, easily recover your accidentally deleted documents, emails, calendars and contacts.

Back up your devices

Active Backup for Business software allows your computers, Windows/Linux servers to be backed up continuously. Restore your computer or files to their functional state in the event of theft, loss, hardware change or hacking.

Private network with a Wifx Internet connection

Your data is transmitted over our private network to make your server inaccessible from the Internet.

Option: backup of your server

Your data is fully backed up daily to a second server, offering a restoration possibility of up to 30 days.

Wifx is certified Synology's partner

Synchronise your data

No need to maintain a physical server on your premises.

An Internet connection is all you need to sync and share your files through Synology Drive. Your files are also available offline.

Your data in complete security

Our Synology servers are configured in RAID 5 and equipped with a hot-spare disk, and a dual power supply to ensure hardware redundancy.

In order to guarantee optimal performance, we equip our servers with SSDs (cache memory).

Installation and setup

One-time fee
Commissioning 100.-
Custom configuration / support 194.58 / hour
(15 minute increments)


Monthly cost
Server backup depending on storage space*
Private network over Internet Wifx Included

Storage space

Monthly cost
Usable space 1 TB 30.-
Usable space 1.5 TB 45.-
Usable space 2 TB 60.-
Usable space 2.5 TB 70.-
Usable space 3 TB 80.-
Usable space 5 TB 120.-
> 5 TB on request

*The backup option is charged at the same price as the main disk space.

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