Technical specifications

Location Y-PARC, 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains, Suisse
Dimensions 42U (41 usable), 600mm x 1200mm
Security 24/7 cameras
Access control
Power supply
2 PDUs (A+B), 3600W Customizable
Energy 1 kW included Additional kW charged to the 95th percentile
Connectivity 12 pairs of pre-installed single-mode fibres,
of which 1 is included
Availability rate
ISO27001 (in progress)
N+1 for air conditioning and electricity
Cooling Air conditioning + emergency air extractor
Fire protection Sensors + fire extinguishers in the server room, FirePro® technology for the battery room
Accessibility Lift, trolley, monitor/keyboard/mouse, parking


Wifx Data Center SA gives its customers the freedom to choose the Internet operator. For our customers in Yverdon, a direct and redundant connection via a dedicated network is also possible. Each rack is pre-installed with 12 pairs of single-mode optical fibres.

The following service providers are present in our data centre:


Numerous cameras continuously monitor the entrances, exits and activities within the data centre. Access to the data centre is secured by several fingerprint readers as well as a security lock with manual access control.

Two generators (powered by gas + diesel) provide energy redundancy.


A regional data centre on a human scale and easily accessible, 1 minute from the motorway exit and less than an hour from Geneva airport.

Colocation (prices excl. VAT in CHF)

42U rack with dual power supply, generators
(diesel + gas), secure 24/7 and Internet.

Rental of 42U rack with 1 kW
1 pair of optical fibres
1135.- / month
additional kW (calculated at the 95th percentile)
Additional pair of optical fibres 50.- / month
Rack commissioning 1750.-
Internet in addition

Download our Colocation documentation

Wifx Data Center Internet access (prices excl. VAT in CHF)

Unlimited and guaranteed bandwidth. Peering with Swisscom, Init7, SwissIX, IP-Max (non-exhaustive list) allowing premium connectivity with international networks.

100 Mbit/s burstable at 1 Gbit/s (calculated at 95th percentile) 175.- / month
500 Mbit/s burstable at 1 Gbit/s (calculated at 95th percentile) 450.- / month
1000 Mbit/s
750.- / month
Other speeds on request
Additional Mbit 1.-
Backbone and/or FTTH-partner network link (Yverdon-les-Bains only) on request


Wifx Sàrl also offers housing solutions with integrated Internet access (from 1 to 4U), dual power supply, additional network port as well as the possibility to reboot your equipment remotely (electrically).

Contact us for more details.

IP addresses (prices excl. VAT in CHF)

Monthly cost
1 IPv4 included
2 IPv4
3 IPv4 25,07
4 IPv4 36,21
5 IPv4 47,35
6 IPv4 50,32
7 IPv4 53,30
8 IPv4 56,27
9 IPv4 59,24
10 IPv4 62,21
Additional IPv4 addresses on request
IPv6 addresses (subnet depending on your needs) 0.-